West Midlands

The aim of the West Midlands CoP is to extend university outreach activities into hard-to-reach community groups to engage potential STEM learners and their parents.

Plans for 2012 – 13

In working towards this aim, the CoP has the following objectives:

  1. Working with Wolverhampton City Council and other west midlands region stakeholders identify potential target cohorts within the local community. This will include ethnic minority groups, those with disabilities or additional needs, the unemployed, and rural community groups.
  2. Establish a network of city council officers, university staff, and other partners (for example the regional university technical colleges, and business and industry) to define and develop four large-scale outreach activities for the target cohorts and their parents.
  3. Deliver four large-scale activities (two based within the community and two HEI-based).
  4. Maintain the network longer-term to aid the co-ordination of future activity and provide opportunities for on-going collaboration.
  5. Make available a series of resources and other appropriate materials (podcasts) to support further follow-up and delivery within community groups.

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The West Midlands Community of Practice is being supported by:

Paul Hampton, Principal Lecturer / Business development Manager, University of Wolverhampton

E p.hampton@wlv.ac.uk

T 01902 322256