North East

The North East CoP will be convened through delivery of a local Science Festival, building on last year's successful and collaborative delivery of the British Science Association's Science Festival at the University of Bradford. We will produce a sustainable model, enabling year-on-year replication to maximise benefits to the region, communities and partners.

Plans for 2012 – 2013

The Festival will provide a unique opportunity to stimulate the curiosity and imagination of young people in STEM subjects and to:

  • Convene a CoP – initially focusing on delivery of the Festival (to provide strategic direction for working collaboratively). This will provide a focus to ensure the CoP is a dynamic driving force for collaborative STEM practice, as well as supporting regional and national best practice in STEM curriculum development and outreach
  • Encourage take up of STEM subjects pre and post 16 in schools, FE and HE institutions
  • Bring together academics and the wider community in active debate and activity concerning current scientific issues; raising social awareness and value of the opportunities that emerging research and technology provides during a Science and Society Day on Friday 19 October 2012
  • Support regional STEM practitioners from a variety of backgrounds to share expertise and knowledge in STEM outreach and curriculum design through hands-on activities at the Exciting Science Day on Saturday 20 October 2012
  • Synthesise learning from the event to influence access to, and benefit from, HE for a broader range of beneficiaries
  • Bring together CoP partners in virtual or face-to-face discussions on 3 occasions to consider lessons learned, to evaluate activity and to share practice

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The North East Community of Practice is being supported by:

Janet Smith-Harrison, Building STEM, University of Bradford

T 01274 232231