North West

The aim of the North West CoP is to develop a community of universities and civil society organisations (CSOs) tasked with making science inspirational, accessible and relevant to hard-to-reach social groups. The CoP has the following 3 objectives:

Plans for 2012 – 13

1) To develop collaborative partnerships between the 4 Greater Manchester universities and TSOs working with hard-to-reach groups

2) To deliver a programme of regional community engagement activities

3) To create a legacy of resources to support future community science outreach activity in the North West region

The CoP will build on the good practice established through the Community Science Awards, developing Community STEM Awards which will target STEM outreach activity that engages hard-to-reach social groups. The awards will be targeted at those CSOs with a strong track record of working with such groups, so that they may develop new, or adapt existing, provision aimed at encouraging individuals to engage in science.

The CSOs will have an opportunity to network with 4 partner universities to identify potential project ideas. Each partnership team will submit a proposal to a selection panel, and successful applications will be awarded a micro-commission.

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The North West Community of Practice is being supported by:

Dr Steve Millington, Department of Geography & Environmental Management, Manchester Metropolitan University


T 0161 247 6201