Objectives of Regional CoPs

The regional CoPs should:

  1. Bring together STEM academics and outreach workers from regional HEIs alongside TSOs experienced, or interested, in STEM outreach, to identify and tackle regional challenges in STEM outreach. These TSOs could include regional representatives from relevant professional bodies – i.e. Royal Academy of Engineering, Institute of Physics, Institute of Mathematics & its Applications and the Royal Society of Chemistry.
  2. Identify a regional issue / challenge that needs tackling and through this tackling will result in improved STEM outreach.
  3. Encourage the sharing of mutually beneficial good practice and resources across sectors and capture learning and resources on the regional COPs section of the national website.
  4. Develop new, or improve existing, collaborative STEM outreach activities between HEIs and TSOs and / or develop or improve processes by which HEIs and TSOs engage and work with one another in the field of STEM outreach. Activity will be delivered across the 2012 – 2013 academic year.
  5. Commit to the two-way sharing of information between the regional and national CoPs.
  6. Consider means to sustain regional HEI-TSO collaborations into the future.
  7. Wherever possible, look to embed new collaborations in strategic documents such as access agreements.

The work of the regional CoPs should be both informed by, and inform, the work of the national CoP. Where regional CoPs are led by universities that were previously spokes of the National HE STEM Programme, the work will act as a legacy for the programme that could be facilitated in the future by the spoke HEIs for relatively little resource outlay.