The South Wales Community of Practice (CoP) is being formed around the existing Science Alliance Cymru network, which has been in place for 5 years. This project provides the opportunity for network members to work together and develop relationships that can be sustained in the future.

Plans for 2012 – 2013

The projects will take an existing school engagement activity and look to extend this to other audiences. The existing activity is the STEM in X day (where X is an industry name, e.g. Medicine, Heritage, Energy) which is based on the Royal Society of Chemistry’s ‘Chemistry at Work’ Day. School pupils attend a carousel of activities that are designed to show the range of careers possible from a STEM base.

The CoP will use these events to invite other audiences after the schools have gone so that these audiences can understand careers choices better. These groups may include: parents or school governors so that they can support the careers choices of their children and pupils better; long term unemployed people so that they can see possible alternative careers; or specific under-represented groups so that they might consider undertaking STEM at university.

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The South Wales CoP is being supported by:

Bruce Etherington, Community Engagement Manager, Cardiff University

T 029 2087 6934