Villiers Park Educational Trust

Creating a web-based resource to help HEIs reach and work with groups that are under-represented on STEM degree courses.

Aims and Objectives

In this project we intend to: 1. Document our successful activities in STEM subjects using ‘how to’ format with attention paid to essential features and initiating similar activities in different contexts, specifically: Subject specific courses held over more than one day Subject specific online extension activities Targeting individuals from those groups that are under-represented at university in STEM subjects Building effective relationships with schools serving less advantaged communities Long-term working with targeted students 2. Consult with HEI partners so that the materials used to communicate our model are as useful and effective as possible 3. Reinforce, renew and develop links with HEIs’ fair access teams and university departments so that we successfully communicate our model of improving fair access 4. Use existing partnerships with HEIs and set up new partnerships to initiate activities that aim to improve fair access in STEM subjects in 2012-2013 and beyond


Please contact Moira for more details. In particular, we are looking for HEIs that would like to be involved with this project in any way, big or small.


We hope that representatives from HEIs will attend the workshops that we will be holding at Villiers Park in May as well as using the web-based resource we will be creating. That way we can ensure that the resource is as appropriate and as useful as possible. We are also looking for opportunities for partnership working with HEIs in 2012-13.