Improving access in STEM subjects

Villiers Park Educational Trust

Are you working for an HEI and:

  • Interested in widening participation or improving fair access?
  • Involved with outreach activities?
  • Particularly interested in STEM subjects?

Then you should find this resource useful.

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Working with the hard-to-reach
Explores communicating effectively with schools, identifying a target population and defining criteria so that your resources are deployed as effectively as possible.

Discusses what characteristics make different types of outreach particularly effective and gives examples that you may wish to adapt to your own context.

Working with partners
Could you work with partners to improve your access to, and communication with, hard-to-reach and under-represented groups?
If you wish to work in partnership with Villiers Park Educational Trust contact us on

Throughout this resource you will find illustrations of Villiers Park Educational Trust’s practice. This includes programmes, forms and letters. They are also gathered together here so that they are easily available.

What we do at Villiers Park

Villiers Park Educational Trust helps able young people to reach their full academic potential and develop a passion for learning. We are committed to fair access – enabling students from less advantaged backgrounds to gain places at leading universities.

We have been working successfully with students for 45 years and with teachers and schools for 22.

We hope that HEIs will use this resource to reflect on and develop their practice.

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