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Activities with learners

What are your activities with children and young people for? Are they to tell them about studying at university? Are they to stimulate their passion for STEM subjects? Do you provide role models? Are you helping them to connect with peers who may share their aspirations and aims?

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Open access activities
Do you provide any open access activities? How do you ensure that these contribute towards you achieving your aims?

Targeted activities
Most of your activities are probably targeted in some way, maybe by age or type of school or at a specific hard-to-reach group.

Evaluating your activities
Do your systematically evaluate your activities with learners so that quality is maintained and they improve year on year?

What we do at Villiers Park

We believe that activities with young people are all about stimulating a passion for learning. We try to connect them to some of the most exciting aspects of each subject. We have tutors who are involved in academic study or research and can also communicate their subject. We build a learning community, even if it is only for a day, so that young people can discover what it is like to work with like-minded peers.

For some young people it isn’t about ability. It is about maintaining interest and focus throughout their teenage years, particularly when few of their friends are pursuing academic pathways and their families may have no history of going on to university. Our activities with 14-16 year olds are designed to raise their aspirations, connect them to like-minded peers and remind them that learning is exciting.