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Five-day residential courses

Villiers Park Educational Trust’s five-day residential courses are the backbone of our Inspiring Excellence Programme.
The key features are:

  • Subject-specific
  • Targeted at very able 16-18 year olds
  • Tutored by academics or researchers in that subject
  • Course content is chosen by the tutors, so that they are passionate about it
  • The tutors and the 26 students live and breathe the subject from lunchtime Monday until Friday afternoon, creating a learning community for the five days of the course and often beyond
  • Participants think, discuss and do rather than just listen and write
  • Each course includes a project to be completed by pairs, trios or teams of students during the course and presented on the Friday
  • Most courses include a visit that is relevant to the subject
  • Each course has at least one speaker other than the tutors

See examples of course programmes in STEM subjects below.
Example of our annual programme

Examples of course flyers

Examples of course programmes, including participants’ feedback comments