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Working with the hard-to-reach and under-represented groups

Do you suffer from ‘mission drift’? Do you have a target group in mind but end up only reaching those who would have studied a STEM degree without your intervention?

This section is about sharpening your focus and working effectively with schools that have many of your target learners.

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Focusing on the hard-to-reach or under-represented groups
What is your target group? Which schools do they attend? Can you define criteria for learners participating in your activities? Do you need different criteria for different activities?

Connecting with the hard-to-reach and under-represented groups
Communicating with schools, colleges, academies, teachers and learners in as effective a way as possible. Can you set up effective channels of communication so that schools help you identify the learners who will benefit most from your activities?

What we do at Villiers Park

Our target group are youngsters from less advantaged backgrounds who have the academic potential to make it to a leading university but may not do so without help.

Schools, colleges and academies serving less privileged communities are often working very strictly to an improvement plan. Many of them have no spare capacity. Every member of staff is likely to be working full out. For example, a Head of Science is more likely to be thinking about recruiting decent teachers, percentage A*-C, value added and Ofsted criteria than inspiring the scientists, mathematicians and engineers of the future.

Convincing these schools that we have something worthwhile to offer is a challenge.