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Have a named person in each school as liaison

Invest time and resources in establishing a liaison member of staff at each school – this may mean telephone calls and/or a visit.

Addressing all communications to your liaison means they are less likely to be deleted or put directly into the recycle bin.

It does not need to be a teacher – sometimes a support member of staff is more effective.

Consider suggesting the Senior Science Technician, a sixth form support member of staff, a learning mentor or the school secretary.

Investigate if the liaison goes silent.

Make sure your liaison feels appreciated.

What we do at Villiers Park

You will need to check regularly that your liaison member of staff is still working at the school and willing to continue in the role.

If the school has ‘gone silent’ it is worth telephoning and speaking with reception. If the liaison member of staff has left you can ask about their replacement. Also, it is astonishing how often school emails, telephone numbers and even addresses change.

Schools, colleges and academies are asked to identify their Liaison member of staff when they complete the joining form.

In an ideal world, we would like to visit each school and meet with the Liaison member of staff. Unfortunately we do not have the resources for this. However, every few years we invite them to our centre to meet with us and observe part of a five-day residential course. Although few are able to attend, many appreciate the invitation.