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Have a regular pattern of communication

Schools, like universities, have a yearly cycle of terms, holidays and events. Having a regular pattern of communication, repeated year on year, means that it is more likely that your activities will become part of their calendar.

What we do at Villiers Park

The backbone of our Inspiring Excellence Programme are our five-day residential courses. In September, the liaison member of staff receives an annual programme. The courses are arranged in three groups that correspond to the three terms that make up most schools’ year.

The process for matching learners with courses proceeds in the same way for each group of courses.

Liaison member of staff receives a ‘pack’ that contains course flyers, sample programmes, a letter and the nomination form, which is common for all courses.

Liaison member of staff distributes flyers and nomination form to subject teachers.

Subject teachers identify suitable students and give them the flyers. Students fill in the nomination form. This doubles as a consent form so must be signed by parents.

Students must get the signature of the Liaison member of staff on the nomination form. This confirms that they are suitable for the course and that the school agrees to them attending.

Completed forms are received at Villiers Park. Centre Director chooses 26 students for the course from those nominated.

Student receives a ‘declined’ letter at home.

Student receives a ‘successful’ letter at home.

Six weeks before the start of the course, successful students receive a course programme and a letter at home giving travel details and any preparation that is required.

Liaison receives a copy of the course programme.