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Correspond directly with participants

There are short-term and long-term reasons why you may want to contact participants at home.


  • Communication out of term-time
  • Avoid poor communication channels, particularly at post-16
  • Make the experience more personalised and participants feel more valued


  • Track participants
  • Collect information about impact

What we do at Villiers Park

Five-day residential courses

Once a booking form has been received, we move from communicating with schools or colleges to communicating with participants and copying the information to the school or college liaison member of staff. Applicants receive a letter telling them if they are successful or not. Those with a place also receive another letter before the start of the course.

We send the school or college a certificate to be presented to the participant.

Each participation is given a newsletter at the end of the course and continues to get a newsletter sent to their parents’ address twice-yearly.

Once they have finished their first degree, we contact them and ask them to complete an on-line questionnaire to judge the long-term impact of the course.

Villiers Park Scholars Programme

The Villiers Park Scholars Programme is about working with youngsters of high academic potential who might not get into a leading university without our intervention. We communicate with Scholars in three main ways:

  • Through their Learning Mentor
  • Via a dedicated hub provided for us by Brightside UNIAID
  • Directly as a participant in a five-day residential course