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Villiers Park Educational Trust

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Work with a ‘list’ of schools, colleges or academies

Working with specified schools makes scarce resources go further.

Pick schools that have many of your target students.

Invest time and resources in establishing a liaison member of staff at each school.

Do you need your own list or could you work in partnership with an organisation that targets the same hard-to-reach group?

Audit your list regularly and investigate schools that are not responding.

What we do at Villiers Park

When putting a school on our list we look for:

  • A state-funded school, college or academy
  • With post-16 provision, as most of our activities for 16-19 year olds
  • Serving a less privileged community
  • From anywhere in the UK

Our Centre Director sends them anĀ invitation to join and asks them to fill in a form.

But what if your target group has changed? Or may change in the future?

Originally, Villiers Park Educational Trust worked with schools from all over the UK and aimed at having a balance of all types of schools. Five years ago, our trustees asked us to focus more on youngsters from less privileged backgrounds. Since then we have evolved our list. We only add state schools and we work particularly hard to recruit and keep schools that serve less advantaged communities.

By developing our list and introducing selection criteria we have managed to reach our target of having 60% of the youngsters attending our five-day residential courses being either first generation HE or from a family with a limited income.